Gluten free Turkish chicken shish, kofte, salad, yoghurt and potatoes from Petek in Finsbury Park | North London | Stroud Green | Gluten free restaurants in London

Petek: Delicious Gluten Free Turkish Restaurant in Finsbury Park

Restaurant: Petek

Location: Finsbury Park (North London)

Address: 96 Stroud Green Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 3EN

Cuisine: Turkish

Gluten free status: gluten free friendly / suitable for Coeliacs

TLDR: fantastic food, high quality, massive portions & excellent service – 10/10

If I had to sum up my experience at Petek in just one sentence, it would be: hands down the best meal out I’ve had in a long time! ?

This little gem is just around the corner from Finsbury Park station, right in the heart of Stroud Green. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re around the area and after some good authentic Turkish food, this is the place to be. There is no gluten free menu or options marked on the menu, but they can point you towards safe dishes.

Where do I even begin!? Although a lot of Turkish food is probably naturally gluten free, I’ve been shying away from Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants in part because most that I’ve questioned didn’t really have a clue about gluten. I’ve also never seen a Turkish restaurant in London with gluten free options clearly marked on the menu. And if they can’t fully understand exactly what foods we need to avoid (possibly just a language barrier), then you can bet the following questions about cross-contamination always evoke a look of complete confusion.

Petek restaurant in Finsbury Park | Stroud Green | North London | Gluten free Finsbury park

Is Petek safe for Coeliacs?

So I’ve lived around Finsbury Park for a few years now. I walked by this restaurant a million times wishing I could go in, but never took the risk. Until yesterday that is. Knowing how much I miss Turkish food, my boyfriend decided to go in a few weeks ago and question them about possible gluten free options.

To our absolute delight, they were very helpful and understanding. Upon mentioning gluten, they advised him that no bread goes on the meat grills and that there’s barley in the rice, but a potato substitute can be given instead. It’s so reassuring when restaurants say all the right things without even being asked. Music to my ears! ?

So we went in yesterday for a an early Birthday meal and it was everything I wanted! First of all, the man who served us actually remembered my boyfriend. He brought free bread and a dip, but automatically specified that it was just for my boyfriend. He then went on to guide me on what to order. He was incredibly helpful and checked with me with certain ingredients just to make sure. Incredible service all in all.

The food

I went for the chicken shish and kofte plate which comes with a salad, yoghurt and mashed new potatoes instead of rice.

As you can see the portions are HUGE, look at the size of that kofte! You definitely get more than enough for your money at Petek! And it was unbelievably good. Everything in this plate from the tender juicy chargrilled meat to the pomegranate salad dressing, the added garlic touch on the potatoes, the thick rich (almost cheesy) creamy yoghurt and the generous sprinkling of fresh parsley on top was pure perfection.

We finished off with a fresh mint tea; the perfect ending to a perfect Turkish meal.

Fresh mint tea from Petek | gluten free Turkish restaurant in Finsbury Park | Stroud Green | North London | gluten free restaurants in London

I’m not even exaggerating when I say this: 90% of our dinner conversation was spent repeatedly commenting on how amazingly tasty it was. haha

So if you love Turkish food and are looking for a gluten free friendly option in London, check out Petek in Finsbury Park. You won’t be disappointed. ❤

P.S.: I hear they do takeaway as well.

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  1. wonderful thank you

  2. Hi, thank you for this. I have to be ai careful but I took my youngest son here last week and it is everything you said and really great vibe, taking me eldest tonight.

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