Tandoori paneer kebab, chicken curry and pilau rice from The Tiffin Tin in Tuffnell Park, North London | Gluten free Finsbury Park | Gluten free takeaways in North London

The Tiffin Tin – An Indian Gluten Free Haven in North London


The Tiffin Tin

Location: North London (multiple locations – Tufnell Park, Hornsey, West Hampstead, Wanstead and Totteridge Lane)
Cuisine: Indian (takeaway)
Tried & Tested: Tufnell Park
Gluten free status: excellent knowledge of gluten and cross-contamination | safe for Coeliacs | they even use a separate oven for the bread
Price: Affordable


When it comes to eating out, Indian restaurants are a Coeliac’s best friend. A vast majority of authentic Indian curries are naturally gluten free and even the fried stuff often uses gram flour in the batter. So naturally I’ve sampled a lot of Indian restaurants and takeaways over the years since being gluten free. And last night I finally gave The Tiffin Tin a long overdue try.

This mini restaurant takeaway chain is located in North London with not only one, but two of them delivering to my area. So having heard good things, I finally gave them a call and was very impressed with their answer and how on the ball they regarding gluten.

First of all they have a huge varied menu with gluten free options clearly marked. This is relatively rare with Indian restaurants in my experience and adds a degree of reassurance. It means they’re actively trying to cater for us and not just safe by accident. But best of all, they even use a different oven for the bread! The main gluten issue with Indian restaurants is usually the tandoor. They often cook both naan bread and meat in there, leading to potential cross-contamination. But at The Tiffin Tin it’s all separate so we can finally enjoy the tandoori dishes! And let me tell you, they’re delicious! ?

Tandoori paneer kebab, chicken curry and pilau rice from The Tiffin Tin in Tufnell Park, North London | Gluten free Finsbury Park | Gluten free takeaways in North London

It was hard to choose because nearly everything on the menu is gluten free, but we took the tandoori paneer kebab (Indian cheese in a spicy yoghurt marinade with peppers and onions), Murgh Lasune curry (barbecued chicken in a tomato and onion sauce with garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and curry leaves) and pilau rice.

Everything was delicious and full of flavour, the ingredients seemed fresh and the food was surprisingly not as oily as your average Indian takeaway. The tandoori paneer was perfect especially with the fresh lemon squeezed on top and they gave us such a big portion. The curry was equally as tasty, came with a generous amount of chicken and that barbecue flavour is the best!

Wether you’re gluten free or not, this place is well worth a try if you’re around the area. I think I just found my new favourite Indian takeaway! ?

For more information, you can check out their website {here} or view their full menu {here}.

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  1. Tiffin Tin is unfortunately not suitable for Coeliacs, see below from their customer services:

    “Thanks for your email. We have various gluten free dishes however, the preparation of the food is such that we can not guarantee that the trace amount if gluten may never show up”.

    • Almost every restaurant has this standard disclaimer to cover their backs as unless a place handles no gluten at all, they can’t claim it to be 100% safe. I completely understand if some choose not to risk it, but having ordered from them countless times (without any problems) and having spoken to them on the phone before, I consider them to be very clued up and safe for Coeliacs (and I’m not the kind of person who takes unnecessary risks when eating out ?). They even told me a while back that they have a separate tandoor to cook gluteny things like naan bread to avoid cross-contaminating the tandoori meat. Hope this helps. ?

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