Gluten free chocolate croissant dusted in icing sugar - from Craft Coffee & Pastry cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands

100% Gluten Free Options in Amsterdam

I recently went on a trip to Amsterdam and was delighted to find various restaurants and cafes where I could eat with complete peace of mind. As a coeliac, eating out is a source of stress that can potentially spoil a holiday (I’m sure I’m not the only one!). So going into a holiday equipped with a list of entirely gluten free options is always a bonus most welcomed!

And on that front, Amsterdam certainly did not disappoint!  I ran out of time before I could visit them all, but the cafés I ate at were absolutely amazing and unmissable if you find yourselves in this beautiful city. 

Row of houses by a canal in Amsterdam

What about ‘normal’ restaurants?

Of course, Amsterdam has a vast selection of other gluten free friendly restaurants with mixed kitchens to offer. I gathered a huge list while doing research! But I was only there for 24 hours and I follow a strict rule when travelling: never take risks the day before a trip somewhere. That means not eating out unless it’s from a dedicated gluten free kitchen. 

Some might find it extreme, but is there anything worse than suffering the symptoms of a glutening while on a flight or train? Or on a long car ride? I don’t think so. I broke my rule once on a trip to Berlin, at a restaurant that was highly praised by so many Coeliacs… and well, let’s just say I learned my lesson. I won’t be doing that again. lol

As I didn’t get to question restaurants and test any myself, I don’t feel comfortable recommending what I found. But if you hunt around on other blogs, you’ll find a bunch of recommendations!

Row of houses by a canal and bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 'Make Cheese, Not War' in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Always do research before heading to a location listed in a guide. Double check opening times and verify that the place is even still opened. The hospitality industry is notorious for being unstable… especially since the pandemic and even more so for dedicated gluten free establishments (sadly).

As you can imagine – as a part time blogger who just does this for fun – I can’t keep track of every restaurant I’ve once visited or discovered around the world. So at times, guides may not be up to date. 



Gluten free croque madame / cheese and ham toastie with egg on top - from Amsterdam, Netherlands


This lovely cozy café is the perfect stop for breakfast or lunch. They have plenty of sweet and savoury options and honestly the food is delicious and of great quality. The croque madame I had did not disappoint. They didn’t skimp out on cheese and ham and the bread was really yummy. I could hardly tell it’s gluten free.

Here you’ll find a bunch of options from sandwiches, toasties and burgers to cakes, muffins and daim tart, etc. 

Bonus: they also sell gluten free stroopwawels by the till; I regret buying only one box!

Address: Sint Annendwarsstraat 24a, 1012 HC Amsterdam, Netherlands



Croque Madame gluten free cafe shop front in Amsterdam, Netherlands Gluten free cheeseburger from Croque Madame Gluten Free in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Gluten free chocolate croissant from Craft Coffee & Pastry in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This bakery is nothing short of a coeliac heaven and a must on your to-do list in Amsterdam. The world of gluten free baking has seen constant improvements over the years, but the one thing that always seems to elude everyone: the pesky croissant. 

Well, Craft Coffee & Pastry seems to have cracked the code as these are honestly the best ones I’ve tried so far! A fact supported even by my non-gluten free partner. They were soft, flaky, layery and tasted amazing, especially the chocolate ones. 

P.S.: I recommend buying extra to takeaway because, oh my, this is a rare and magical occasion. haha

Address: Gerard Doustraat 103A, 1073 VS Amsterdam, Netherlands




This is a gluten free shop with an in house bakery that sells bread, other baked goods and a variety of gluten free products. I believe they sell gluten free stroopwafel as well!

I read a lot of great things about it, but sadly I didn’t have time to stop by. Maybe next time!

Address: Pretoriusstraat 37, 1092 EZ Amsterdam, Netherlands




This is another place I really wanted to visit, but sadly didn’t have any time. Unlike my three previous recommendations, this is a good location to have a proper meal. Just bear in mind that this restaurant is also fully vegan, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Address: Entrepotdok 36, 1018 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands




This is yet another Coeliac-safe cafe/bakery that I came across while doing research. Besides being entirely gluten free, this one is also vegan and free from refined sugar, which is perfect for coeliacs who also have to avoid dairy or eggs. Despite being vegan, it has great reviews on Google and all the food pictures looks really yummy.

Address: Elandsgracht 4H, 1016 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands



Worth a mention:


I stumbled across this lovely looking Indonesian restaurant while researching online. However it’s confusing… Some claim it’s 100% gluten free while others say almost everything is gluten free. Which is it? I know know, but it appears to be pretty Coeliac friendly either way. I wanted to pop over and ask them, but sadly didn’t get the chance.

If any of you reading happen to know, leave me a comment below. 🙂 I plan to go next time as the food looks delicious and it has great reviews from what I’ve seen.

Address: Ceintuurbaan 103H, 1072 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands




Naturally, a trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without coming back with a suitcase full of cheese and stroopwafels. 😛

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few different brands of gluten free stroopwafels around the city; in cafés, corner shops (like Spar) and supermarkets. After a taste test, I’d say my favourite ones are the Leev organic stroopwafels. They have the best flavour by far. 🙂

Gluten free stroopwafels from Amsterdam.

Cute gouda cheese wheel from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you read all the way until the end, thank you and I hope this was helpful. 🙂

Kimi x

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