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Gluten free apple and walnut strudel with a dusting of icing sugar and hazelnut flavoured whipped cream | made with Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry
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Easy Gluten Free Apple & Walnut Strudel

Is there anything better than a warm apple strudel on a cold winter day? It used to be one of my favourite treats growing up and something that was missing from my gluten free life…. until now, that is! I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, but ended up substituting a few things and it worked out great. First of all I’m not a big fan of raisins to be honest so I swapped those for walnuts instead…

Gluten free eclairs filled with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate icing
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How to Make Gluten Free Eclairs

This French classic is not only one of the best desserts, but did you know they’re also surprisingly easy to make at home? In fact it’s a wonder gluten free eclairs are so rare considering how simple they are! If all this time you’ve been missing eclairs and you too were under the impression that this delicacy is something you can only buy, then think again. It’s time to get cooking your own!