Gluten free strawberry and vanilla cupcake from Glutopia London gluten free bakery and cafe

Glutopia London Gluten Free Bakery {Richmond/Kingston}

Restaurant: Glutopia

Location: Kingston-upon-Thames (London/Surrey)

Address: 41 Market Place, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT11JQ

Nearest Train Station: Kingston

Opening Times:  Monday to Friday – 10am to 7pm, Saturday – 9am to 8pm, Sunday – 10:30am to 6:30pm

Phone number: 020 8974 5444

Food: 100% gluten free bakery/cafe

This winter has been so ridiculously miserable. Unlike what the stereotype would have everyone believe, the weather in London is not that bad… At least not as bad as it can be elsewhere in the country! The climate in Wales, for example, is like a constant drizzle in my experience… Sometimes even when it’s sunny so things could be worse! However this winter has made the British weather stereotype proud so far!

So as soon as we saw a glimmer of sunshine coming through the window and slightly warmer weather a few weekends ago, we quickly hooked the dogs on their leashes, threw our coats on, rushed out of the door and headed to Richmond Park.

I first heard of Glutopia a while back when I stumbled on delicious looking gluten free cake pictures on Instagram. I had been planning to pay them a visit ever since, but due to living at the complete opposite end of the city, I never got round to it.

At least not until now. Having travelled from North London all the way to Richmond, we thought hey, let’s grab this rare opportunity. Let’s hit two birds with one stone and finally get ourselves to Glutopia! After all, most people describe it as being sort of in Richmond.

Gluten free strawberry and vanilla cupcake + salted caramel cupcake from Glutopia London gluten free bakery and cafe

So ok, we did get there in the end and loved it… But let me begin by first saying that if you’re one of those Londoners (like us) who assumed this was a Richmond friendly activity, please don’t make the same mistake we did. Don’t cross the entire park with your dogs on a warm turned cold and rainy winter day… Because by the time we were midway through the park, of course the weather had done a complete and typically British u-turn… Only to then wrongly assume that Glutopia is at a walking distance.

Yeah, it’s really not. Even less if you’re not in the park, but actually starting in Richmond itself. I blame my boyfriend for being the Google Map handler and telling me this was a good idea. 😉 If you feel like taking a long walk on a beautiful sunny day, it’s definitely doable, but otherwise I recommend taking a bus.

We loved it when we did get there, however! We couldn’t sit inside due to having the dogs with us… Well, we didn’t actually ask them, but the place was so busy it didn’t seem like a good idea either way. But a lovely little stall greeted us outside of the bakery with many samples to try.

Glutopia London gluten free bakery and cafe shop front (with kiosk offering cake and cupcake samples)

With so many equally delicious looking treats on display, it was a tough choice. The strawberry and vanilla cupcakes immediadetly grabbed our attention – because just look at them – so we took one of those, but after testing some of the samples, getting a salted caramel cupcake was compulsory as well. 😉

Cupcakes and other baked sweet treats from Glutopia London gluten free bakery and cafe

After a long walk in the rain, these went down well, much to the dismay of our dogs who looked at us scoff these with envy and (and a tinge of secret hatred) in their eyes. LOL Great flavours, perfectly soft and moist texture and nice presentation too.

They were well worth the trip, at least, and the cafe itself is very cute and cosy. I would gladly go back (without the dogs hehe) to be able to sit down and take the time to enjoy it more.

Although we only got to try some cupcakes, Glutopia has a lot more to offer. That includes some savoury breakfast and lunch options like avocado on toasts, salads, fresh juices and smoothies.

They also do bespoke cakes for any special occasions, for those interested. There were some on display in the shop window which I must say looked delicious and so beautifully decorated.

It’s also worth mentioning that they have dairy free and egg free options. 🙂

For more information, check out their website and menu {here}.

Gluten free strawberry and vanilla cupcake + salted caramel cupcake from Glutopia London gluten free bakery and cafe
Strawberry & vanilla + salted caramel cupcakes from Glutopia London gluten free artisan bakery

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