Gluten free margarita pizza from Pizza Da Vinci

Pizza Da Vinci | Eating Gluten Free in London

Restaurant/Take Away: Pizza Da Vinci

Location: 103D Lavender hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5QL

Nearest Tube Stations: Clapham Common (Underground) and Clapham Junction (Overground)

Opening Times:  Monday to Thursday – 4pm to 2am, Friday & Saturday – 11:30am to 2am, Sunday – 11:30am to 11:30pm

Phone Number: 02072234000

Food: Pizzeria

Once upon a time when I lived in Brixton, I used to practically live at Pizza Da Vinci. Well, it’s more like they used to practically live at our house because we ordered that often from them. By the end, we didn’t even need to say anything; as soon as they saw our phone number calling, they instantly knew who we were and what the order was because we always took the same thing. ? What can I say, I’m one of those people who constantly orders the same thing from a restaurant’s menu time after time and finds it hard to try new things once I’ve settled for a favourite.

It was a serious (and wonderful lol) addiction and as it was a few years back, it just occurred to me that I’ve never spoken about this fantastic south London pizzeria yet on my blog.

Initially we were technically out of their delivery zone and had to beg them to deliver to our house (seeing as trustworthy gluten free pizzerias can be hard to come by!), but they sure didn’t regret their decision after all. ?

There are way more pizzerias offering gluten free these days, but to be honest I don’t trust any of them the way that I trusted Pizza Da Vinci at the time. There are so many glutening stories on Coeliac groups from people eating at Pizza Hut, Dominos and all those chains that I’ve officially been put off. It’s great that the options are there, but for Coeliacs, restaurants really need to know what they’re doing cross-contamination wise (especially places like pizzerias that are dealing with so much flour!) and some of the chains out there seem to be inconsistent, especially from branch to branch. I know all restaurants carry a risk at some extent, unless they are completely gluten free, but there are different levels of risk and I personally prefer to gravitate towards safer options.

On the other hand Pizza Da Vinci is a small independent pizzeria located in Battersea (near Clapham) that is very clued up on gluten and cross-contamination. Out of the countless times I ordered from them I never had a problem. And best of all, their thin crust, stone baked in a fire oven, pizzas are delicious. The portions are great too – don’t you guys hate it when gluten free options are made tiny?!! – and I’m not sure how things are now, but the gluten free pizzas used to be part of their regular buy one get one free deals (something we’re often excluded from!).

I’ve unfortunately not had the chance to eat there again since moving to the other end of the city, but if you find yourself in that part of London or live close enough, definitely give them a try! Best gluten free pizza take away in my books so far. 🙂

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