Gluten free pizza from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

My Free Kitchen | Eating Gluten Free in Paris

Location: Paris, France (1 Bis Rue Bleue)

Nearest Metro Stations: Cadet and Poissonière (line 7)

Opening Times:  Monday to Friday – 12 to 3pm and 7pm to 10pm, Saturday – 12 to 3pm, Sunday – closed

Food: 100% gluten free restaurant


My Free Kitchen is a brilliant little restaurant around the 9th arrondissement that is definitely worth a visit if you live in or are travelling to Paris. Besides being 100% gluten free, they also have dairy free as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

The food is great, the staff are very friendly and the wine was lovely too. Paris has quite a few 100% gluten free restaurants/cafés, but we found that many of them don’t serve dinner type of foods and/or close early so we were very happy to discover this place. When travelling, there’s no better way to end the day than by sitting down in a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and a drink. And to be able to do this with complete peace of mind, knowing that there is no chance of cross contamination, is something that always makes holidays more special for me when possible. And out of all the gluten free places we sampled during our trip, My Free Kitchen has to be one of our favourites.

My Free Kitchen - completely gluten free restaurant in Paris, France

They have different menus for brunch, lunch and dinner and the meals vary slightly from day to day. This is something I’ve noticed in many restaurants/cafés in Paris; they often don’t have a specific menu, but ‘plats du jour’ instead so there’s always an element of surprise. You can visit their website for more details about the menus. I can’t comment on the lunch options as we only went during the evening, but we really enjoyed it for dinner.

The best part: they serve gluten free pizza at dinner time! And they’re delicious! In fact it was so good that we couldn’t resist going back a second time during our trip. Both times I went for the goat cheese and ham pizza of the day and I was not disappointed. On top of being yummy, the pizzas were huge and had a generous amount of toppings.

Gluten free ham and goat cheese pizza from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

The first time, my boyfriend went for the vegan plat du jour which consisted of a quinoa salad, ‘cake salé’, sesame bread, hummus and a bowl of vegetables ‘au gratin’. He really enjoyed it, but was so jealous of my pizza that he just had to have one on our second visit. Out of everything we tried, I’d say the pizza is by far the best choice.

Gluten free and vegan meal from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

They also serve a variety of baked goods like muffins, cookies, etc. to eat in or take out.

Gluten free cookies from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

Gluten free cake from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

On our second visit, the restaurant had to close a little earlier than normal and although we had already finished our meal and didn’t mind, the waiter felt bad and gave us two apple and cinnamon muffins for free, which we kept for breakfast the morning after. Brilliant customer service!

Gluten free muffin from My Free Kitchen in Paris, France

One last thing, they also do home deliveries through delivery services like Deliveroo (within 3km), Take Eat Easy (within 4km) and Tok Tok Tok (if living further) so you can even order a take away to enjoy in the comfort of your hotel room (or home). 🙂

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