Gluten free pastrami sandwich from Bears and Raccoons in Paris, France

Bears and Raccoons | Eating Gluten Free in Paris

Location: Paris (21, rue Richard Lenoir)

Nearest Metro Stations: Charonne and Voltaire (line 9)

Opening Times:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 11 – 15:30, Thursday and Friday 11 – 15:30 & 18:30 – 21:30, Saturday 11 – 21:30, closed on Sundays.

Food: 100% gluten free cafe – sandwiches/subs, cakes, muffins, biscuits, etc.

Bears and Raccoons shop front - gluten free restaurant in Paris, France

Bears and Raccoons is a brilliant little coffeeshop in Paris (around the 11th arrondissement) that is completely gluten free!

We found ourselves there after digging on the internet for a safe place to grab lunch – all I can say thank god for smart phones and speaking french as a first language (because many of the gluten free places in Paris don’t actually seem to come up in Google unless you search in french); what did people do before the internet? –  and the name immediately jumped at me. I mean come on, Bears and Raccoons, how cute is that?! I didn’t even need to see the menu or pictures of the food…  my mind was already made up. It has to be good, right? haha

And we were not disappointed. It’s a cosy little cafe with a great atmosphere, great service from friendly staff and the food is pretty good too. A definite must-go for any gluten free people visiting or living in Paris. It was the perfect lunch break on a cold spring afternoon.

Completely gluten free Bears and Raccoon in Paris, France

I took the ‘Grumpy Bear’ sandwich which is made with pastrami, coleslaw, cheese, pickles and rocket. It was delicious! They were generous with the filling and the bread was perfect; great crispy crust, but still soft on the inside. Even my non-coeliac boyfriend approved. 😉

Gluten free sandwich from Bears and Raccoon in Paris, France

For dessert, they had many yummy looking options so it was hard to choose, but I just had to go for the cheesecake! With raspberry coulis.

Gluten free cheesecake with raspberry coulis from Bears and Raccoons in Paris, France

Whenever there’s cheesecake available, it doesn’t matter what else is on the menu, I just have to have it! I’m an addict and it’s made me really picky and critical of all cheesecakes so that’s the only problem, but I wasn’t disappointed. While I normally prefer creamier types of cheesecakes, I really loved this one. It was surprisingly not too sweet and with interesting flavours. There was definitely a touch of nutmeg to it and I loved how the coulis was more sour than sweet. Very nice. Bonus points for the presentation!

Other options available were muffins, cookies, almond tarts, carrot cake, etc. which I would have loved to sample, if I’d had more time!

Gluten free muffins from Bears and Raccoons - gluten free restaurant in Paris, France

Gluten free cakes from Bears and Raccoons - gluten free restaurant in Paris, France

It’s also worth mentioning that they have a selection of gluten free beers so we got to share a bottle of Estrella Damm Daura along with our lunch which I thought was a nice addition. 🙂

For more info, check out their website –> here

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