Gluten free lemon and herbs chicken and chips from Nando's - gluten free Nando's

Nando’s: A Gluten Free Safe Haven

Oh Nando’s, what would I do without you?! This restaurant chain has been my safe place for years. Not only do they have an allergy book and offer tons of gluten free options, but in my experience the staff are helpful and have good training regarding allergens and cross contamination. If you’re a Coeliac living or travelling in the UK, then fear not… Time to join the gluten free Nando’s club. 😉


Location: pretty much everywhere around the UK | view full list {here}

Food: South African/Portuguese flame grilled Peri Peri chicken

Gluten free status: gluten free friendly + good knowledge of allergens and cross-contamination

Price: affordable

Home deliveries: yes! Some Nando’s (but not all) now do home deliveries!

Is Nando’s Safe for Coeliacs?

This is a very common question among gluten free people and the short answer is: yes absolutely! I’ve never had a problem with them and trust me I’ve eaten there countless times, in all corners of the country and over the course of several years! I always explain that I have Coeliac Disease and need all gluten to be kept away from my food during preparation. They know this already, but I like to stress it just in case, and they always reassure me.

And the great thing is that Nando’s omnipresence around the country means that no matter where you are in the UK, you’re almost guaranteed to find one. Which makes it a life saver at times! Every time I’m away from home, in need of eating out and not in the mood to risk somewhere unfamiliar, Nando’s always comes to the rescue.

The Food

And of course the food tastes great too! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? ?

I tend to always go for the same thing – lemon and herbs chicken, plain chips, grilled halloumi and garlic sauce on the side – and can’t seem to get bored of it! But they have several other options. Just be aware that while the chips are gluten free, the peri peri salt is not, so always ask for plain chips. {UPDATE: the peri peri salt is now gluten free!}

You can also click {here} to check out the complete gluten free Nando’s menu online. There’s an icon with 3 colourful dots in the bottom left-corner which allows you to filter through the menu and see what dishes are free from which allergens.

Gluten free chips, macho peas and grilled halloumi from Nando's - gluten free Nando's

UPDATE: Oh and by the way, they have bottomless frozen yoghurt (all flavours are gluten free so there are no cross-contamination risks)!

Bottomless frozen yoghurt from Nando's (mango flavour) | gluten free Nando's | gluten free London | gluten free UK | gluten free restaurants

For more information, check out their website {here}.


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your help in finding the dietary stuff – I looked ages! Hoping their supergrain salad and at least one veggie option becomes GF.
    Franco ?

  2. Hi,
    I took the advice here for Nados and even the same food types. I am a celiac and now find myself ill, in pain and suck yet again to the loo.
    So in my mind if a restaurant Google search states no gluten free. Well it is not gluten free, even if they put allergy stickers on it.

    • I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Nando’s. This really surprises me as it’s usually such a great chain that many Coeliacs swear by. If you mention that you’re a Coeliac when ordering, they usually pass on the order to a manager which takes extra precautions to avoid cross-contamination. But as it goes with chains, maybe the issue is with the specific restaurant you went to? Can I ask what exact branch it was? And what did you eat?

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