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My gluten free experience in Montenegro | Gluten free Travel | Kotor city wall walk up the mountains to St John's Fortress

My Gluten Free Experience in Montenegro

Although we’re beginning to hear more and more about Montenegro – it’s being pushed as the next new hot travel destination by some blogs and publications – it’s still very much an undiscovered part of Southern Europe in comparison to the more obvious choices out there. I have to admit […]

Gluten free eclairs filled with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate icing

How to Make Gluten Free Eclairs {updated}

This French classic is not only one of the best desserts, but did you know they’re also surprisingly easy to make at home? In fact it’s a wonder gluten free eclairs are so rare considering how simple they are! If all this time you’ve been missing eclairs and you too were under the impression that this delicacy is something you can only buy, then think again. It’s time to get cooking your own!