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Naturally gluten free amaretti biscuits rolled in icing sugar

Amaretti Biscuits: So Easy & Naturally Gluten Free

Perfectly chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside amaretti biscuits; a quick, simple and naturally gluten free recipe anyone can make at home. 🍪 Have you ever thought about making your own amaretti biscuits, but didn’t even let your mind go there because  of the assumption that they’re probably […]

Mochi doughnuts | The easiest gluten free doughnuts made with glutinous rice flour + a simple icing

Easy Gluten Free Rice Doughnuts a.k.a. Mochi Doughnuts

Deliciously soft and chewy, effortless and naturally gluten free mochi doughnuts made entirely of rice flour. 🙌 So… you guys are probably aware of my doughnut obsession by now. I embarked on a quest to make the best possible gluten free doughnuts a long time ago and I’ve discovered many great […]

Gluten free pad thai from Cats Cafe Des Artistes | My Gluten Free Finsbury Park Guide | Stroud Green | North London

Gluten Free Finsbury Park Guide | Stroud Green | North London

Gluten free Finsbury Park: a guide to all my Coeliac safe finds in and around the area including restaurants, markets and shops with interesting gluten free products. For those who live locally, you might also be interested in checking out my guide for Islington which is an absolute gem for […]

Gluten free churro donut rings | rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with whipped cream, Waitrose fruity confetti sprinkles and fresh raspberries

Gluten Free Churro Donut Rings

Yes, after a few weeks break I’m back on the choux pastry obsession… 😛 And as promised since I made churro donut holes, here’s my proper churro donut rings version at last! 🍩 They’re a bit more time consuming to prepare because the dough has to be piped into ring […]

Gluten free apple and walnut strudel with a dusting of icing sugar and hazelnut flavoured whipped cream | made with Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry

Easy Gluten Free Apple & Walnut Strudel

Is there anything better than a warm apple strudel on a cold winter day? It used to be one of my favourite treats growing up and something that was missing from my gluten free life…. until now, that is! I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, but ended up substituting a few things and it worked out great. First of all I’m not a big fan of raisins to be honest so I swapped those for walnuts instead…

Homemade gluten free cream puffs filled with pastry cream and with a sprinkle of icing sugar on top.

Gluten Free Cream Puffs {+ Pastry Cream}

How to make gluten free cream puffs at home; with a pastry cream filling and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Not only is it a fabulous French dessert and up there with some of the best in my opinion, but it’s also a lot easier to make than you make think.

Gluten free cheese and bacon pastries made with Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry | Featuring a mini H&M Home deer plate

Gluten Free Cheese & Bacon Pastries

These quick and easy gluten free cheese and bacon pastries are a perfect savoury treat that only takes seconds to whip up. 🧀🥓 After the sausage and bean melts I posted a while back, I decided to make another super easy copycat Greggs recipe. This time for their Cheese & […]