Hi I’m Camille (a.k.a. Kimi) and this is my gluten free food diary. Not necessarily fancy recipes, just what I eat on a day to day basis as well as my gluten free discoveries, to give you some inspiration.

I am not a chef nor an expert, just a Coeliac who loves food and cooking, with a passion for health and nutrition and the goal of hopefully helping other gluten free people live a more fulfilling life on the gluten free diet.

You will find a good mixture of all things gluten free on here including healthy and not so healthy recipes (it’s all about balance, isn’t it!), within a wide range of difficulty levels (but mostly easy!), restaurant and product reviews (you’ll mostly find me wandering around London with my two chihuahuas and boyfriend, but sometimes elsewhere in the UK and around the world, when life allows me to travel), random advice, etc.

Feel free to message me or comment on my posts if you have any questions, suggestions or requests and thanks for having a look around my website. 🙂

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