Gluten Free Smoked Sausage & Ricotta Ravioli

UPDATE (2019): This is an old recipe I posted years ago and I’ve since come up with a much better one so please use → THIS ONE ← instead. It can be used for these ravioli as well! 😊

Homemade gluten free egg pasta (tagliatelle)

So… I’ve been wanting to make my own gluten free pasta for ages, but kept putting it off. While there are some good brands in supermarkets these days, I’m yet to find things like tortellini, ravioli or egg noodles… all of which I’ve sorely missed!

Based on my research, years ago, it seems that everyone at the time was under the impression that homemade gluten free pasta was a complex art that could only be mastered with a million ‘exotic’, expensive and hard to find flours and other ingredients. On top of that, you were warned that the dough was going to be difficult to work with so you’d better really really want that bowl of tortellini.

But no, it’s actually very simple! There’s only one flour needed for this recipe and the dough is quite easy to handle. It’s easy to roll, not sticky and no cracking during the ravioli making or cooking process. More importantly, they turned out delicious and perfectly al dente so I will definitely be making more pasta again… and again. 😉

What you’ll need is pre-cooked white cornmeal, like the one pictured below, as well as eggs, olive oil, salt and parmesan cheese which acts as a binder to help the overall texture of dough. If you can’t find pre-cooked cornmeal, I heard that some use polenta, but I can’t comment on whether it’s as good.


For the dough (2 large servings):

  • 1 and a half cup pre-cooked white cornmeal (about 200g)
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • Up to 1 quarter cup grated parmesan (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • A few Tbsp of water (only if the dough is too dry)
  • A bit more flour (for dusting the rolling surface)

For the filling:

  • Smoked sausage (I used half of a Mattessons Original sausage – finely chopped and pan fried in olive oil)
  • Plain ricotta cheese

To make the pasta, mix and knead all ingredients together with your hands until you get a firm, smooth, yet not sticky dough. If it feels too dry and cracks as you press and fold the dough, add some cold water slowly (1 Tbsp at a time) until the consistency is right. It should look like this:

Roll the dough on parchment paper, a small amount at a time, and keep dusting the rolling surface with a bit of flour each time. Dusting the rolling pin, if using a wooden one, can also help. I used Doves Farm gluten free plain flour for this, but any flour should do.

The dough should be rolled about 2mm thick and cut into squares, as shown below. Then add the filling and close them up, carefully pressing down each side. Be careful not to add to much filling. You can obviously cut preparation time by using a ravioli making mould, which I intend to get very soon!

To cook the ravioli, bring a pan of water (with a pinch of salt) to a boil. Add the ravioli and cook for 4 minutes. By this point the ravioli should be floating, which is a sign that they’re ready. Also, don’t overload the pan; it’s best to cook them in a few batches. Once cooked, carefully drain the pasta using a slotted spoon (one of those spoons with holes).

Serve with your choice of sauce on top. I opted for a basic tomato sauce.

Enjoy! 🙂

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