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Homemade baked beans / white beans in tomato sauce served with cottage fried (baked potato slices) and a fried egg

Healthy Homemade Baked Beans / Beans in Tomato Sauce

Hey everyone, I just thought I’d share a simple, basic recipe I’ve been loving lately: homemade baked beans i.e. super quick and easy beans in tomato sauce. If you’ve never made your own, it’s so worth it. It’s much nicer and healthier than the tinned stuff and it’s really quick, […]

Easy spicy pickled jalapeño salsa

An Easy Spicy Pickled Jalapeño Salsa 🌶🍅

Hi everyone! Today I just wanted to share an easy pickled jalapeño salsa that I’ve been really enjoying lately. It’s just a simple blend of finely chopped tomatoes, jalapeño and garlic with herbs, spices and quite possibly the best (and most addictive) condiment, green Tabasco sauce (but if you don’t have […]

Clementine creme brulée being cracked open with a spoon / made without a blow torch

Easy Clementine Creme Brûlée / With or Without a Torch

Carrying on with our daily lockdown afternoon tea tradition today, this time with clementine creme brûlée. 😍   It’s such an easy, tasty and naturally gluten free dessert that requires next to no effort. Except having the patience to wait for them to set in the fridge for a few […]

Gluten free cheese pudding made with extra mature cheddar / Welsh cheese pudding

Gluten Free Cheese Pudding / with Flour or Breadcrumbs

Today I just wanted to share with you my latest lockdown discovery: gluten free cheese pudding. 🧀😍 It’s so easy, absolutely delicious and made with just a few basic staple ingredients: cheese, milk, eggs, butter and tiny bit of gluten free breadcrumbs or flour. As I mentioned in some previous posts, […]