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Gluten free shortcrust pastry recipe | gluten free pop tart (before baking)

3 Ways to Make Gluten Free Shortcrust Pastry

With Easter just around the corner always being the best excuse to get cooking, I thought I would share with you my three go-to gluten free shortcrust pastry recipes I’ve been using for years. Including a classic pastry, a yoghurt based version and a low carb/grain free alternative made with […]

Creamy spicy tomato gnocchi with parmesan cheese | made with gluten free ASDA gnocchi

Easy Spicy Tomato Gnocchi {Gluten Free}

Just a quick and easy every day recipe we absolute love and eat regularly in this house: spicy cheesy tomato gnocchi with a touch of greek yoghurt for a little creaminess (but of course you can use cream or cream cheese instead). 😊 And for anyone living in the UK, […]

Proper fried gluten free yeast doughnuts with salted caramel dark chocolate icing and sprinkles - made with Doves Farm / Freee Foods gluten free bread flour

Proper Gluten Free Yeast Doughnuts {Fried}

Who else dreams of proper fried pillowy soft gluten free yeast doughnuts since cutting out gluten? I promised myself that I wouldn’t work on any doughnut recipes for a while, but clearly my plan utterly failed. 😆 And I’m so glad it did because I think I just made my […]

Gluten free oat and raspberry muffin traybake with a sprinkle of icing sugar on top

Healthy-ish Oat & Raspberry Muffin Traybake

A quick and easy gluten free oat, yoghurt and raspberry muffin traybake that makes for a great healthy-ish snack or breakfast. I randomly whipped these up in seconds yesterday just to make use of an old container of yoghurt that was about to go off and I was surprised by […]

Homemade gluten free churros with a simple caramel sauce to dip

Homemade Gluten Free Churros + Caramel Sauce

I’ve been meaning to share my gluten free churros recipe with you guys on here for absolutely ages and here it is! At last. Along with a really quick and simple caramel sauce to dip. It’s such a fun and relatively easy dessert to make at home (I swear, it […]

Gluten free strawberry cheesecake with a salted caramel dark chocolate cookie dough crust + whipped cream and raspberries on top

Strawberry Cheesecake + Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Crust

A rich creamy vanilla and strawberry cheesecake I made the other day with the most perfect salted caramel dark chocolate cookie dough crust. 🍫🍰 After my peanut butter cookie dough crust worked so well the other day, I decided to make another version with dark chocolate this time. I just can’t […]

Gluten free chow mein noodles with prawn and broccoli, made with Barilla gluten free spaghetti

Easy Gluten Free Chow Mein {with Spaghetti}

Easy gluten free chow mein ‘noodles’ with prawns and broccoli, made with gluten free spaghetti instead of egg noodles. Honestly I’ve tried a bunch of alternatives over the years from different types of rice and sweet potato noodles to those horrid protein egg noodles made from fish (I can’t remember […]

Crispy spicy baked potato slices with ketchup | Cottage fries | Baked chips

Crispy Baked Potato Slices | Cottage Fries

Today I just wanted to share with you a simple, easy and honestly addictive recipe I’ve been loving lately: crispy baked potato slices a.k.a. cottage fries. It’s such a perfect (baked and healthier) alternative to chips/fries that tastes just as good. 😍🥔 I posted these on Instagram yesterday and you […]